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NeuroCap™ Setup Training

Easy to use and requires minimal training. The setup can be done in about 5 minutes. The flexible NeuroCap ™ structure and adjustable Velcro straps provide full adjustment for head injuries. Pediatric (XS) and Adult (L, M, S) sizes available.

Disposable EEG Headset NeuroCap at AES 2019

NeuroCap is a new, FDA-cleared disposable EEG headset for performing high-quality routine EEG tests.

How to Apply the NeuroCap on a Patient with Long Hair

The most popular question we receive: how to apply your NeuroCap on a patient with long hair? Take a look.

Six Steps to Set Up NeuroCap™

Using NeuroCap™, EEG tests can be performed by a medical staff of any skill level after a simple 1-hour training session. The test is done in six easy steps.

NeuroCap, an Ideal Solution for Emergency Departments

Patients arrive at emergency rooms in urgent need of diagnostics, and rapid EEG analysis is always in demand.

How to Connect NeuroCap™ to Existing Amplifiers via Universal Cable

This video explains how to connect NeuroCap to a 3rd party EEG amplifiers via universal cables.